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In this section, in compliance with D.Lgs. 150/09 and Resolution No. 105/2010 of the Commission for Evaluation, Transparency and Integrity are accessible, according to the regulatory dictate, information concerning every aspect of the organization, indicators relating to management trends and the use of resources for the pursuit of institutional functions, the results of measurement and evaluation activities carried out by the competent bodies, in order to promote widespread forms of control of compliance with the principles of good performance and impartiality.

The transparency contributes to implementing the democratic principle and the constitutional principles of equality, impartiality, good performance, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency in the use of public resources, integrity and loyalty in service to the nation. It is a condition for guaranteeing individual and collective freedoms, as well as civil, political and social rights, integrates the right to good administration and contributes to the realization of an open administration, at the service of the citizen.

Following the link in the in-depth sections, one instead accesses information concerning the organization and activities of Sapienza University of Rome, with the aim of encouraging widespread forms of control over the pursuit of institutional functions and the use of public resources.

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