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Course Catalogue

This section provides information about the degree programmes organised by the Department.

The Department proposes five Degree Programmes, divided into the following scientific-disciplinary areas:

Bachelors Degrees
Masters Degrees

The following postgraduate courses complete the educational offer of the Department:

PhD Programmes

This is the third level of study to which it is possible to have access after the Master's degree; it lasts 3 years and access is through a competition for qualifications and exams.

Phd in Planning, Design and Architecture Technology

Associated PhD in Service Design for the Public Sector (SDPS)

Advanced Professional Courses

Study programmes for scientific specialization and high-level permanent and recurrent training; designed for students, but also for professionals who feel the need to upgrade their skills. Access requires the possession of a bachelor's degree (1st level master's degree) or a master's degree (2nd level master's degree), as well as an "old system" degree.

Our Advanced Professional Courses

School of Advanced Studies

School with a specific critical and professional training character. Access requires the possession of a specialist or master's degree, as provided for by the Statute of the School.

School of Advanced Studies in Natural and Territorial Heritage. Field of Specialisation: Park Architecture, Gardens and Natural and Environmental Systems

Advanced Training Courses

Human-Centred Design for Medical Devices: from Usability to Cognitive Ergonomics

Training Courses

Sistemi e tecniche del gioiello

Summer School

Summer school provides students with the opportunity to focus on specific subjects, experience an international environment and take advantage of the educational and research quality at Europe's largest university.

Summer School in GIS And BIM for a digital integrated design