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The Internationalisation Unit is an interdisciplinary study center dedicated to internationalisation in the context of project culture, to which all the scientific and cultural competencies of the Department adhere, with a view to consolidating and expanding virtuous relationships and scientific and cultural collaborations with prestigious universities, foreign cultural institutes based in Rome, and entities of international relevance.

The Internationalisation Unit welcomes and promotes, in harmony and synergy with the other study and research structures of the Department, the meeting of knowledge that has as its purpose today unavoidable issues related to vital issues for humanity, such as those enunciated by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The objective of this dynamic and composite structure therefore concerns innovative actions and practices aimed at consolidating and developing internationalisation processes, functional to the establishment of synergistic networks between teaching, research and third mission and the implementation of an experimental interdisciplinary, international and inter-institutional model.

To this end, the Unit's scientific activities concern: International Conferences and Conferences, Study Days, International Seminars and Workshops, specific projects between teaching and research, with dedicated scientific publications.

The Unit is endowed with a Coordinator, a Scientific Committee composed of the PDTA Director and members of the Unit, representative of the scientific disciplinary fields of the Department, an Organizing Committee, whose members are chosen by the proponents of the individual initiatives.




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