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Luigi Piccinato Archive

Luigi Piccinato Archive


The Luigi Piccinato Archive (ALP) documents the work carried out by Prof. Arch. Luigi Piccinato over a period of more than fifty years, from 1924 to 1983 in the field of urban and architectural planning.

The documentation came to the Institute of Urban Planning of the Faculty of Architecture in Rome following the donation of his daughters Stefania and Paola Piccinato at the initiative of Prof. Federico Malusardi who, with the collaboration of Arch. Ruben Abel Bianchi, began sorting the material received.




The documentary complex contains material that is varied and heterogeneous in terms of content and types of documents and reflects the different and multiple areas that over the years have characterized Piccinato's interests and commitment, both in professional and academic life and in politics.

The documentation consists of graphic works and drawings; folders of documents; slides, negatives, photographic prints and photographic plates on glass; as well as countless albums of drawings and photographs.  There is also a book collection consisting of some 2,000 cataloged volumes, as well as numerous years of journals yet to be cataloged, currently located in the department's lecture hall dedicated to Luigi Piccinato. 

In the following years on the initiative of the then director of the Department Pdta, Prof. Lucio Carbonara, a work of reorganization and cataloging of the materials in the archive began in collaboration with the Archival Superintendence of Lazio. A first result of the activity carried out to date is the creation of the website through which it is possible to view most of the urban plans and architectural projects drawn up by Prof. arch. Luigi Piccinato.




Consultation of archival documentation is currently limited due to the complex work of reorganization and inventory of materials and is subject to a specific reasoned request, to be submitted to the head of the ALP, after verification of the actual availability of the materials requested for viewing.


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Responsabile scientifico: Prof. Sergio Zevi 
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