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PhotomediaLAB is the technical and operational lab of the PDTA Department (Sapienza University of Rome). It provides highly specialised services in four specific fields:

  • Communication
  • Design
  • Representation
  • Web and interaction

PLAB is open to everyone active in the PDTA Department, research and teaching network; its aim is to channel excellence.


Communication services

PhotomediaLAB designs and produces traditional and multimedia communication products: graphics, publishing, photography, multimedia, and the web. In particular, PLAB is specialised in the design and production of:

  •  coordinated images
  • exhibit graphics
  • editorial graphics (from concept to publication)
  • web graphics
  • product communication (virtual and physical modelling)

Design Services

PhotomediaLAB develops design activities and services in the field of Design, Architectural Technology, the Territory and the Environment. PLAB has extensive expertise in the following fields:

  • photo survey (for town-planning, the territory, construction, etc.)
  • virtual touring
  • reproduction and restoration of images on any substrate (including preparation, post-production and preservation on a external backup unit with periodic migration and monitorisation)
  • design of exhibits and stands

Representation Services

PhotomediaLab is active in the field of Representation, the last in the series of services for Communication and Design. In particular, PLAB is specifically used for:

  • storage of images (with an archive of approximately 30,000 HD images)
  • photographic reportage (events, architectures, still life)
  • image processing

Web and interaction services

PhotomediaLAB develops interactive technological platforms, especially:

  • web platforms (sites, portals, social)
  • virtual touring

Scientific Manager:
Carlo Martino

Comunication Service
Roberta Sacco

Opening Hour:
monday-thursday 08.00 am - 04.00 pm
friday 08.00 am - 02.00pm


Department of Planning, Design,Technology of Architecture
1° Floor
72 Flaminia Street, 00196 Rome.





Reponsabile scientifico
Carlo Martino

Servizi per la Comunicazione
Roberta Sacco

dal lun al gio 8.00 - 16.00
venerdì 8.00 - 14.00



Dipartimento di Pianificazione, Design, Tecnologia dell'Architettura
1° piano
via Flaminia 72, 00196 Roma.


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