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Department Board



The Department Board assists the Director of Department in the performance of his duties and has a preliminary role on all matters pertaining to the Department Council. It may also have decision-making functions on certain Council assignments, defined in accordance with Regulations on a specific delegation of the Council itself. 

It is chaired by the Director of Department and is composed of at least two representatives elected among the Council members for each category of the Teacher Staff.

Full Professors

Fabrizio Tucci - Director
Carlo Martino
Laura Ricci

Associate Professors

Fabrizio Cumo
Federica Dal Falco
Carlo Valorani

Assistants and Researchers

Orazio Campo
Valeria Cecafosso
Andrea Iacomoni

Technical and Administrative Staff Representatives

Marco Cavallini Chialastri
Giampaolo Fischetti

Administrative Manager

Marco De Martino

PhD Students Representatives

Maria Michaela Pani
Carlotta Belluzzi Mus