Top-level heading

Coordination Units

The Coordination Units constitute a new agile form of Management and Coordination Structure with proposal and instructional powers, aimed at ensuring greater effectiveness of processes and their results, through 2nd level coordination of certain strategic activities within the Department's competence and interest, carried out by structures internal or external to it.

Internationalisation Coordination Unit

The Internationalisation Unit is an interdisciplinary study center dedicated to internationalisation in the field of project culture, joined by all the scientific and cultural competencies of the Department, with a view to consolidating and expanding virtuous relationships and scientific and cultural collaborations with prestigious universities, foreign cultural institutes based in Rome, and entities of international relevance.


Coordinator: F. Dal Falco

Members: M.B. Andreucci, D. Astiaso Garcia, A. Battisti, M. Casini, F. Cumo, A. De Cesaris, B. Monardo, I. Poli, C. Ravagnan, L. Ricci, M. C. Romano, S. Santangelo, F. Tucci

Research Projects and Products Coordination Unit

Coordinator: L. Ricci

Members: D. Astiaso Garcia, F. Crupi, S. Lucibello, B. Monardo, I. Poli, A.S. Sferra, F. Tucci, T. Villani, M. Cocci (Tab)

Higher Education and Third Mission Coordination Unit

The Higher Education Coordination Unit is aimed at strengthening and enhancing the provision of higher education at the 3rd level, within the Department's competence or of interest to it (Master's, Doctoral and Postgraduate School, higher education courses, etc.), giving full effect to the potential inherent in the disciplines pertaining to the Department, within a coherent project of the various educational and training activities.

Coordinator: L. Ricci

Members: S. Baiani, A. Battisti, O. Campo, M. Casini, , F. Cumo, G. Donvito, I. Poli, F. Rossi, F. Tucci, M. De Martino (RAD), Lorella Vicario (Tab) 

Valorization and Communication Coordination Unit

The Valorization and Communication Coordination Unit ensures greater operativeness and rationalization of the communication actions undertaken by the departmental scientific community, whether related to initiatives of individuals, groups or structures, and promotes the widest dissemination of the results of the Department's research, teaching and training activities. The Unit represents the Structure to which the "competencies" related to Dissemination, Valorization and Communication refer, through coordination with the referents in various capacities of the different existing and planned Structures (Centers, Laboratories, Higher Education Courses, Courses of Study, etc.).

Coordinator: I. Cortoni

Members:C. Martino, M. G. Della Scala, A. Iacomoni, S. Lucibello, L. Ruzza, C. Valorani, E. Lucchetti (Tab), L. Riccitiello (Tab)

Spaces and Security Coordination Unit

The Spaces and Security Coordination Unit carries out investigative and proposal activities for the Council and the Board that concern the construction and updating of the distribution of the spaces endowed to the Department; the development of proposals for enhancement and rationalization; and the verification and evaluation of any requests for distributional variations. All in order to ensure maximum balance and functionality of the structure. The Spaces Coordination Unit interfaces with the heads of the Centers and other Facilities and sees the presence, among others, of the Department Director's delegate to Faculty spaces.

Coordinator: D. D'Olimpio

Members: F. Crupi, S. Lucibello, F. Mancini, C. Valorani, G. Longo (Tab)